Where to Use

There are many applications for the Dock Disk, however, it was primarily designed to protect your boat and slip from the build up of Quagga and Zebra mussels.

The effective radius is anywhere from 7 to 8 feet. For example, a 40′ slip would require a minimum of 6 disks for total boat and slip protection.




If the Dock Disk and hanging system are physically attached to the boat, pull them out of the water before trolling or motoring away.

Caution: Traveling at high speeds could damage the Dock Disk and/or its hanging system, resulting in possible loss or effectiveness of the product.

When at anchor simply place the Disk in the water to provide protection against Zebra and Quagga mussels.


Other applications can include water intake systems in a known infested body of water.

In the above picture, the intake openings of the pump are clean and free from mussels